Why Study in Ireland: Amazing Facts to Studying in Ireland

The country is situated on the edge the continent of Europe, Ireland is an island nation that has a variety of charm and zest for life. It is often referred to as the Emerald island, Ireland is famous for its rich history, vibrant culture lively nightlife, as well as offering the most stunning views of the land as well as the ocean. The lively cities that are nestled alongside beautiful bays, stunning cliffs beautiful coastlines and an affordable cost of living and a top-quality education system makes Ireland an ideal location for both tourists and international students. Are these enough reasons to answer the question of why you should learn in Ireland?

The country is enjoying an increasing amount of attention from international students and with good reason. In this article we will look at the many benefits of studying in ireland is an opportunity that will last the lifetime.

Why Study in Ireland: Top 10 Advantages of Studying in Ireland

With more than 35,000 international students from 161 different countries taking classes in Ireland The number of students is steadily growing in recent years. According to an investigation, the numbers has increased by 45 percent between 2013 between 2013 and 2017. So, what's attracting the students of this European country?

Let's look at the many advantages from studying in Ireland which are making it a sought-after choice for students. We will also provide an answer to the question, why learn in Ireland?

1. Excellent Education System

Ireland has a renowned education system and its universities are among the top in the world. The degrees earned from Ireland are recognized worldwide. Ireland is among the top 10 countries for higher education (IMB Global Competitiveness Index 2019).

The universities of Ireland are well-known for providing the most exciting research opportunities. International students can be confident they will be able to rest assured that they'll be able to take advantage of the highest standards of education and research opportunities that can aid in their career advancement.

2. Course Availability & Ease of Study

Ireland hosts world-class institutions with over 5,000 courses that students can choose from. Students can choose from a wide range of disciplines that include engineering, medicine science, business technology, literature psychology, philosophy, history and more. Another one of the many advantages that the study in Ireland to international students.

In addition another significant advantages for taking a course in Ireland is that it's an English-speaking country and that the courses are available in English. This is what makes Ireland an ideal study abroad destination for students from all over the world.

3. Great Career Opportunities

This is one of the main reasons to go to Ireland particularly if you want to study abroad. With an employment rate that is higher than 80 percent, Irish institutions offer several job opportunities for students from abroad.

Ireland has a variety of top multinational corporations, and International students can work in a myriad of well-known companies like eBay, Skype, Microsoft, Google, Slack, and many more. Furthermore Ireland is home to many top companies. Irish economy is expanding rapidly within the Eurozone and is ranked 6th most competitive economy in the world. This, along with other advantages from the study at a university in Ireland as an international student helps the future career goals of students.

4. Post-Study Work Visa Opportunities

Another major reason to students should consider studying overseas in Ireland is the possibility of post-study work visas. The Irish government provides one-year stay-back visas to bachelors as well as up to two-year stay-back visas to masters degree graduates. This means you can go about doing your studies and work in Ireland.

Students from other countries have the opportunity in the process of getting permanent residence. A lot of international students opt to return working in Ireland because of the appealing post-study and post-study job visa possibilities.

5. Cost Effectiveness

Are the benefits of the experience of studying in Ireland worth the effort? One of the biggest advantages to the study in Ireland as an international student is the cost effectiveness. If you're looking for an affordable and cost-effective study abroad location in Europe Then Ireland could be the ideal choice.

Living and learning within Ireland for international students is inexpensive when compared with other popular study abroad destinations such as The USA as well as the UK.

6. Great Quality of Life

One of the main advantages to the study in Ireland in the eyes of Indian student is the high quality of life that it provides. Ireland is ranked as the second highest in the world when it comes to living standards in a study carried out by United Nations.

You can anticipate your experience within Ireland to be a enjoyable and relaxing. You'll find the nation to be extremely friendly and welcoming. Ireland is home to a vibrant art and culture scene, a great infrastructure and a very efficient method to get things done and even the bureaucracy.

7. Friendly People & Vibrant Culture

When deciding on the best reason to you should study in Ireland aspects like the local culture can make a big impact. Irish people are extremely friendly and accommodating to international students. They are friendly, enjoy being together and enjoying many activities such as going out to the pub, organizing private parties at home, and enjoying the dance, music, and more. With these advantages there is no doubt about why you should go to school in Ireland?

Irish culture is known for being active and dynamic. There's plenty to look out for in the realm of Irish culture. You can enjoy the feast day of Ireland's patron saint by celebrating Saint Patrick's Day, listen to traditional Irish music, witness Irish dancing, participate in Irish games like Gaelic football, or be fascinated by Irish myths and legends!

8. Safety

When we talk about the reasons for studying in Ireland it is important to discuss security. If you are an international student, you don't have to worry about anything regarding security in Ireland. Ireland is among the most secure countries in the world.

Ireland is consistently among the top 20 countries in terms of the quality of its life and peace and the development of people. It is ranked as the 12th-most peaceful nation around the globe. Ireland is extremely safe and warm and accommodating to international students.

9. Perfect Travel Location

Ireland is an ideal travel destination for curious souls! When you study in Ireland you don't just have the opportunity to experience all that Ireland offers as well as an opportunity to visit different European Countries.

The UK is quite close to Ireland and you can get to UK within a few hours. In the rest of Europe is also extremely well connected and you can effortlessly plan travel arrangements from Ireland.

10. Social Security Benefits

In Ireland Social security number is known as"personal service numbers" (PPS.) Furthermore, an employee from outside Ireland with a PPS has access to certain benefits like:

  • Free travel pass

  • Health care services provided by the public

  • Child Immunization

  • Housing Grants

  • Driver's Licence


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Top 7 Amazing Benefits of IELTS Online Coaching: You Must Know

Online IELTS trainingThis is the process of providing information online to selected candidates for the test. It allows access to video lectures along with notes in PDF or soft copy formats, as well as books written in the word document format. Many prefer classes over online lectures. In the modern age an online live program could provide a greater help with the quality of your IELTS preparation. If you're confused about whether to choose an online coaching session, keep reading this article. We have listed seven advantages of online coaching which will help you make your the final decision making.

1. Easy-to-use and flexibility

Learn at your own speed and on your own terms thanks to modern technology. Online classes not need you to physically present at a training centre for a certain time. Because of the flexibility of online classes, they permit students to take part in live sessions at the time that works most for their schedule. Live classes also permit discussions online that will encourage students to be involved in their studies. However in the event that you skip a chapter or lesson in an online course it would be impossible to get caught up.

2. Mobility

A majority of the people who are who are preparing for the IELTS exam is studying or in some role. So, getting to a center in order to attend lessons can be long and tiring. Most students lose lots of energy while traveling, energy they could have put into studying on their own instead. The information you study is sent to your doorstep when you select online coaching. Think about the amount of time you'll be able save as well as the money you'll be able invest in something more beneficial.

3. Affordable and accessible

The course fees are the same regardless of whether they are taught in person or online. While the cost is similar, you are able to benefit from their resources when you are taking a class offline. Travel costs add to the total cost of the items. Because there's no requirement to travel, online coaching lets you learn at the convenience at home, and use your resources. This lowers the price of studying. Virtual classes do not require the purchase of expensive equipment. You only need a cell phone or laptop with internet access is required, which makes these classes extremely practical.

4. Reports and test simulated

Assignments and mock exams are vital to the overall structure. They will help ensure that you don't have any worries when you take the IELTS exam, and will ensure that you are able to comprehend the of the exam. Of course, there are those who claim that these features can also be found in traditional classrooms. However, virtual classrooms have an the advantage over regular classes.

5. The Guidance is regularly updated.

Some people struggle to focus when studying in the group. For those who are in this group, an online course is the best choice. You can choose to engaging in one-on-one interactions with your instructor. It is their duty to check your performance regularly and provide assistance anytime you require it.

6. Choose your own pace

Everyone learns at their own rate and has different capabilities. Some people can grasp any idea effortlessly. Some require more time to master this. You can learn at your own speed with on-line IELTS tutoring.

7. The right ideology

If you sit for the IELTS test the quality of your listening, reading writing, speaking, and listening capabilities in English are assessed. You can increase your proficiency with the most current study materials and receive regular feedback only accessible through a digital medium. The constructive feedback you get from your tests will help you to grow each day.

Bonus point

There are no recordings, just live classes and interactive online courses Interactive and live online classes are a fantastic method for professionals to interact with students, while also allowing students to attend classes from anywhere they prefer. A new dimension is added to coaching through giving professors the ability to teach and interact live, resolve students' questions and converse via the internet with students.

Final Thoughts

Coaching sessions online are currently in great demand. According to a study that was conducted worldwide, the eLearning business is growing by 9.1 percent per year and 52 percent of US graduate students prefer online classes. However, everyone has their own viewpoint. A lot of people are now aware of the immense benefits of online programs, while some think that nothing is better than education in a classroom. Online training programs also offer no-cost trial classes. Therefore, go to the classes and notice the differences. Your success is important, regardless what the news.



There are four major elements to consider in order to pass the IELTS.

1. Understanding the IELTS

The IELTS test is comprised of four distinct sections that test the various skills of the test-taker. This includes listening Writing, Reading, and of course, speaking abilities.

Production Skills are your communication and writing skills. They are referred to as skills of production because these abilities help us express our thoughts opinions, ideas, and thoughts.. They are also referred to as constructive or active skills.

Comprehensive Skills are the equivalents of production abilities. Reading and listening are abilities we employ to absorb and process information. Learning these two skills is essential to pass this test!

Students who take the ielts coaching Classes should be able to improve the comprehension and production skills in order to get the scores they want. We advise students to dedicate at least an hour per day to each skill.

2. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Before you dive into the preparations for your event, it's crucial to know the areas where your strength and weakness are There is no excuse for having several areas of weak spots.

After studying the information of our student, our team here at StudySmart discovered that the majority of students require assistance from an expert in their writing and speaking skills, that includes speaking and writing sections.

Writing Section

There are four things the IELTS examine for while scoring you for writing:

The first one is Task Achievement- this talks about the strength of your ideas as well as the suitability of your support ideas to support your thoughts or ideas. This test measures how pertinent are your thoughts to the questions you are asked and how appropriate your essay is.

The next thing to consider is coherence and Cohesion. In order to achieve an A-grade in Band 7, you must ensure that you organize your thoughts, ideas and information supporting them in a clear and coherent way, making sure that you have a clear flow of ideas throughout your essay

Lexical Resource that speaks about the quality of your sentence structure and vocabulary is another crucial aspect that is then your Grammaral Range and Accuracy that refers to your grammatical accuracy and the use of punctuation.

Enhance the vocabulary of your (lexical resource) by acquiring minimum 15 to 20 new words every day. Include some synonyms and antonyms that are based on the word also for a refreshing change.

The act of watching English TV shows can help you improve your listening abilities. If you're a novice in this field, start by watching an initial set of episodes that have subtitles. Then, gradually, you will be able to watch the episodes without subtitles. The most well-known TV shows such as Breaking Bad, Friends, Downton Abbey can really help you to improve your comprehension and vocabulary.

3. Practice and Feedback

After you have mastered a specific IELTS section and are able to develop the ability to master it, make sure you practice with IELTS-style questions specific to that section. When you test the concepts that you've learned, will be able to identify precisely what errors to avoid in every section.

Furthermore, simply practicing isn't enough. It is also important to look for feedback!

If you find yourself answering an answer that is incorrect it is important to first analyze your method. Look to find out what was wrong, what frightened you and the type of questions you were unable to answer. If necessary, seek advice from an expert about the mistake you made and how you can fix it in the most efficient way. A professional can assist you in understanding the things you did correctly when answering a query! Experts will help you find other ways to solve these types of problems faster!

Actually it is among the most important strategies that 7.5+ band scorers use during their preparation with us! At StudySmart, we provide our students with customized online assistance from our team of skilled professionals who will help them get their IELTS score they want to achieve.

4. The practice of the full length of a test

The IELTS test not only measures your comprehension and production skills however, it also tests your endurance and endurance to endure the full duration that the exam. By running through the test multiple times to practice, you'll be able to stay focused throughout the duration of the test and to not allow your attention to wander!


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